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Bogota or Bogotaa D.C.(Capital)

Central America is the central geographic region of the Americas. It is variably defined either as being a region of the Americas in its own right or as the southern portion of North America. Physiographically, Central America is a tropical isthmus that connects North and South America. It includes 7 countries and many small offshore islands. Overall, the land is fertile and rugged, and dominated through its heart by a string of volcanic mountain ranges with a few active volcanoes.

Bogota is the capital of Colombia, as well as the largest and most populous city in the country with 7,321,831 inhabitants 2005 census. Bogota and Soacha have an estimated population of 7,881,156. Bogota is located in the centre of the country, on the eastern of the sabana de Bogota, 2640 meters above sea level.

In discovered history of city Originally called Bacata by the Muiscas, it was the center of their civilization before the Spanish explorers colonized the area, and it sustained a large population. Bacata had become the modern Bogota by the time it was made the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Granada, which was then part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, and the city soon became one of the centers of Spanish colonial power and civilization in South America. The flag of Bogota originates from the insurgency movement against the colonial authorities, which began on July 20, 1810.

Bogota is the capital of the Republic of Colombia, and houses the national legislature, the Supreme Court of Justice, and the center of the executive administration as well as the residence of the President of the Republic. The city divided into 20 localities.

Bogota is Colombia's largest economic center, followed by Medellin, Cali, and Barranquilla. Most companies in Colombia have their headquarters in Bogota, as it is home to most foreign companies doing businesses in Colombia as well as Colombia's main stock market. Bogota is a major center for import and export of goods for Colombia. Bogota is the hub of Colombian business.

Bogota is a modern city with a modern transportation system. Bogota's colleges and universities have a major impact on the city and region's economy. Bogota has not only natural parks but also amusement parks like Mundo Aventura and Salitre Magico. Bogota enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers.

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