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Puerto Montt

Central America is the central geographic region of the Americas. It is variably defined either as being a region of the Americas in its own right or as the southern portion of North America. Physiographically, Central America is a tropical isthmus that connects North and South America. It includes 7 countries and many small offshore islands. Overall, the land is fertile and rugged, and dominated through its heart by a string of volcanic mountain ranges with a few active volcanos.
Puerto Montt is a port municipality in southern Chile, located by the Reloncavi Sound and is the capital of the Llanquihue Province and the Los Lagos Region. The city has an approximate 175.938 inhabitants with an area of 1.673 square kilometers. Initially, this location was covered by a thick forest and received the name of Melipulli. This place was selected as an entrance to the Lake Llanquihue, after its nearness to the open sea was discovered.  
The city itself was founded on February 12, 1853 after a government-sponsored immigration from Germany that began in 1848, populated the region and integrated it politically to the rest of the country. The city's economy is now based upon agriculture, forestry, fishing and salmon aquaculture in the surrounding islands and fjords. It is the fastest growing city in southern Chile, mainly because of the explosive growth of salmon culture.

Puerto Montt is the kind of town you daydream about. It is a city with endless recreational opportunities, rich history, and modern day luxuries.

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