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Central America is the central geographic region of the Americas. It is variably defined either as being a region of the Americas in its own right or as the southern portion of North America. Physiographically, Central America is a tropical isthmus that connects North and South America. It includes 7 countries and many small offshore islands. Overall, the land is fertile and rugged, and dominated through its heart by a string of volcanic mountain ranges with a few active volcanos.

Olinda is a city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, located on the country's northeastern Atlantic Ocean coast, north of Recife and south of Paulista. It has a population of 376,800 people in 2005 and is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in Brazil.
Besides its natural beauty, Olinda is also one of the most important Brazil's cultural centers. In 1982, Historical and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO, Olinda relive the magnificence of the past every year during the Carnival, in the rhythm of frevo, maracatu and others rhythms.

Olinda has a lot of tourist attractions, such as a historic downtown area, churches, Carnival etc. The carnival in Olinda is a popular street party, very similar to traditional Portuguese carnivals, with the addition of African influenced dances. Unlike Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, in Olinda you don't pay for the best places. All the party is in the streets. There are hundreds of little musical groups, in various categories.

Olinda experiences a boom with day tourists, owing to the clear air, town character with rich culture, high quality of life and conspicuously original history. The picturesque scenery, the majesty of nature, the slow pace of life, and the welcoming nature of its people also combine to make this region one of the most important tourist attractions in Central America.

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