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Marvelous Costa Rica Vacation: World of Volcanoes Tour by Unicorn Tours

This dreamy country bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Atlantic in the East offers the traveller an incredible variety of nature and wildlife: the heights of the mystical Monteverde Cloud Forest, the breathtaking Volcano Arenal, unspoiled tropical beaches and several national parks throughout the country. Enjoying exciting sports activities like canopy, or just relaxing on a peaceful tropical beach -- in this exotic paradise everything is possible.

(PRWEB) January 17, 2006 -- In 2006, Unicorn Tours -- a Costa Rican company with outstanding service -- offers a brand new vacation line-up. There are several possible types of tours according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Each of the tours involves a full discovery of special types of adventures such as visiting volcanoes, jungles, beaches or getting acquainted with gems of Costa Rica.

Adventurers may try ’World of Volcanoes Tour’ within 11 days of a geographic exploration and interesting trip. Costa Rica has a lot of volcanoes, some are active even today.

The conical Volcan Arenal is the youngest stratovolcano in Costa Rica and one of its most active. Its lava flows and activity have been constant, and on virtually any day you can see smoking cinder blocks tumbling down the steep slope from the crater, or at night watch a fiery cascade of lava spewing from the crater. Volcano Poas National Park is one of the most visited in Costa Rica, because of its proximity to San Jose and because of the luxuriant forest that surrounds the two craters. Its deep blue waters contrast with the dense tropical forest, making it the perfect spot for the stereotypical Indian sacrifice -- throwing a young maiden into the mouth of a crater or a lagoon. The volcano has had a long history of eruptions, going back as much as 11 million years. Its geyser-like eruptions of muddy water and steam, have given it the reputation as the world’s largest geyser.

Perhaps the ’Fun, Leisure and Beach’ tour is the most comprehensive one of the four tours. Though its main purpose is recreation and relaxing, also covers cultural and geographical explorations and includes the visiting of Poas, La Paz Waterfall, Arenal, Monteverde, Tamarindo Beach as well. Fishing, surfing, boating, sightseeing, shopping, excellent dining, jungle tours, canopy tours, horseback riding, and nightlife, are just a few of the many things to do on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

So it is worth taking the opportunity of reaching places where no one else walked before, in addition, at a pretty low price.

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