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San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 25, 2004 -- is the first free website designed to simplify the task of tracking debts between friends. The site has a clean, simple interface that walks members through the process of creating and sending a bill to multiple parties, in any national currency. It then mediates communication between the bill recipients by sending email notifications of new comments and payments. The "My Balances" tab is an organizational tool that tracks balances between users and eliminates the guess-work that occurs as memories fade. With JiffyBill you always know who owes you how much, and why.

Why send a JiffyBill? Have you ever gone to lunch with a group of friends or co-workers but did not have the correct change to settle the bill? Often in such situations one person will offer to pay the entire bill, and the others can pay them back later. Sometimes a person will "forget" to pay and it is easy to lose track of the debt the longer it goes unpaid. is here to help! The website makes it easy to record a receipt or bill for posterity, including all of the items or services and who should pay for each. Tip and taxes, if applicable, are automatically divided. The itemized bill is then sent by e-mail to each of the responsible parties, who may view it, add comments, and make or record payments online. Anyone with a valid e-mail address may send or receive bills for free.

Send a bill after:

* Dining out with friends, family, or co-workers
* Covering the pizza delivery for a late night study session
* Weekend trip to the beach or mountains. Divvy up gas and hotel.
* The weekly pub crawl. (Otherwise, they might not even remember where they were)
* Sending a gift that everyone agreed to chip in on.
* Completion of a service contract
* Giving a buddy a loan
* and so on ...

Over time, the bills add up and the memory degrades. So the My Balances page quickly shows members their total balance to date with everyone they have billed, or been billed by. members don't need to add up all those old receipts to see where they stand with their buddies. The balance makes it clear whose turn it is to cover the tab the next time the gang is out for a night on the town. Bills can be sent back and forth amongst friends and the debt thereby reduced, so it may be that no one ever has to make a payment. is built lean and mean to be a wicked fast billing machine. We do not use fancy graphics all over the place, so our pages load fast. Our goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to send and view bills, and get on with the finer things in life.

After nearly a year of development and testing, the public beta is now open to everyone worldwide, in most national currencies. The best way to really understand what is about is just to try it. We invite people everywhere to sign up for a free account now, or try one of our no-hassle demo accounts.

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