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El Rey Largo Restaurant and Bar Announces World Wall of Peace

PRWEB) October 18, 2004 -- In a world torn by the ravages of war, tiny Costa Rica abolished their military forces over 50 years ago and has remained at peace ever since. According the to U.S. State Department web site, “Costa Rica has exercised an international influence well beyond its relatively small size. Consecutive administrations have participated in a number of initiatives to promote human rights and democracy within the region and around the world.”

The newly reopened El Rey Largo Restaurant Bar, located near the San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, announces their “World Wall of Peace” as a monument to those who have suffered the ravages of war in their own countries.

The idea sprang from a combination of factors including dissatisfaction over the upcoming presidential election in the United States which seems to offer a choice between war or war, and learning how many from the war torn countries have coped with their situations through art. It became clear that they use their art to express the positive side of life even though their daily lives were subjected to the ravages of war.

“One of the best parts of opening this establishment was meeting the great variety of people from around Costa Rica and the World,” said Glen Roberts one of the developers of El Rey Largo. “We started thinking about using the restaurant as a gallery where local artists could display their work for members of the community and tourists to enjoy.”

However, Roberts noted, “other aspects of the project have been much more difficult and involved various attempts of harassment, intimidation, extortion and assault against the owners, investors and staff.”

Costa Rica is one of the few countries of the world that has stayed out of the cycle of war, as noted on the U.S. State Department web site, “Costa Ricans pride themselves on the country’s abolition of its standing military in late 1948, a concept enshrined in the 1949 Constitution.” The “World Wall of Peace” will be a monument to those who have suffered through years of war around the world. Our goal is to have one artist from every country of the world which is involved in war create a section of the wall.

Work will begin on the wall in November, 2004 to contrast the presidential elections to be held in the United States, the largest perpetrator of war. “Silvo”, a refugee from Colombia, has been selected to represent his country. His work will be a 3 dimensional mural.

El Rey Largo Restaurant and Bar is located just a few kilometers from the San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica and all tourists are encouraged to watch the artists’ work and at work.

Artists from other countries may submit samples of their work and a commentary on why they should represent their country on our web site. We are also looking for attorneys that are interested in assisting the artists selected obtain visas and those who would like to help contribute financial assistance for the artists travel expenses.

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