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The website has launched today. FreshDB represents a new way for webmasters and content creators to announce fresh new content to the world. FreshDB is looking for volunteers to help us translate the website.

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) November 19, 2004 - is here!  is a website designed to showcase fresh new content from across the internet. aims to be the first place that webmasters and content creators go to announce fresh content, as well as the premiere resource for savvy web readers to find out what is new on the net.

Until now, there has been no central place on the internet to unite those creating and publishing new content with those seeking new content. Search engines and directories do a good job of categorizing web pages and finding answers to a specific question, but they do not really address the question of what is new and fresh. Niche sites exist for announcing certain types of content (eg software) but go no further.

Traditional methods of announcing new internet content include press releases, search engine submissions, newsletters, and various types of
paid advertising. However, each of these mechanisms has drawbacks. Press releases may not be picked up by any news outlet. Search engine and directory listings may take a long time or may even be rejected. Newsletters may reach only a small audience. Paid advertising can quickly become expensive. Finally, most of these methods are specific to websites, and are not really meant for announcing specific resources such as a new document, photo, song, video, auction, animation, etc. is different. Any piece of content with a valid, unique URL may be submitted, not just websites. Anyone may submit a listing at no cost. The database accepts all listings automatically and displays them immediately, without time consuming human review. New listings appear at the top of the home page and every related sub-category page, complete with title and description. Announcements and press releases about the content may be added to the listing. Finally, each listing may be edited at any time, and a history of changes is kept. is international. The site is built from the ground up to support multiple languages. All of the text used on the site is available for download and translation by volunteers. A single category system based on DMoz is used throughout with category titles available in many languages besides English. Listings may be added in almost any language and readers may browse through the site with listings restricted to a specific language or in all languages. is RSS-friendly. Every category page that can be browsed on the site can also be delivered as a unique RSS feed. Additional filters can be applied to the language, type, and age of the listings. These enable the feed to be narrowed or broadened to suit your specific interests. The feeds can then be viewed in desktop RSS reader software, displayed on blogs and other websites, or otherwise re-used.

Quick Feature List For Webmasters and Content Creators
- Place your new content where internet savvy readers will be looking for it!
- Submit your new website or other creative work, free of charge, in nearly any language.
- Get listed on the front page immediately, without time consuming human review.
- Also get listed on every category page above and including your chosen category.
- Add announcements and press releases regarding your listing.
- Keep it fresh! Edit your listing when you want, as often as you want.
- View comments and feedback from your users.
- Any updates you make place your listing in the 'Recently Updated' section.
- Full history of changes made to your listing (revision control). Unlimited 'Undo'.
- Automatic RSS Syndication of your listing to interested readers any time you make a change.

Quick Feature List For Web Readers
- Browse new and updated resources from across the internet, complete with human edited descriptions and related announcements.
- Add your comments and feedback about particular resources.
- Subscribe to customized RSS feeds of just those items matching your particular interests.
- Browse by category. For example, view only new listings under Top:Arts:Movies.
- Browse by resource type. For example, view only audio resources or new auctions.
- Categories match those of the widely used Open Directory Project (DMoz), bringing great breadth, depth and familiarity.
- View listings published in your language, or in any language, within a single category.

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