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PhD Announces Pornography Addiction Disccusion Board

(PRWEB) May 22, 2005 -- A discussion board at  addresses the question, "Are you a pornography addict?"

Daily our senses are numbed with advertisements for Viagra and penis enlargers, as if those products would enhance our lives and lead to romantic bliss. Soft core pornography is already available on most cable television stations and the internet provides any and every perversion that the viewing public might desire.

Many individuals question the harm that can be done by a consenting adult indulging in on-line pornography. After, some might say that everyone looks at a little pornography from time to time and what can it hurt to look at a few dirty pictures once in awhile?

On his web site, Dr. Doug also points out that the wife of the addict is also a major victim of this pernicious addiction. She is often left feeling that she is an inadequate sex partner based upon the pornographic images their husbands usually try to imitate in real life. Many women feel humiliated and debased by the images which appears to be a staple of the dehumanizing aspects women in pornography.

Dr. Doug doesn’t stop at questioning the virtues of pornography, but also offers a simple test you can use find out if you’re a pornography addict. For those needing help, his discussion board offers limit free assistance for those willing to discuss their troubles in public, and those wishing to debate his overall position of pornography.

In "Pornography Addiction in our Society," Dr. Doug discusses the chemical and behavioral changes that occur as a result of pornography addiction. He discuss who the victims of pornography are, how they are effected and the consequences of porno addiction in general.

"Are you a Pornography Addict?" lists a series of fifteen questions that can let you know if you or someone you love is a pornography addict. All questions come with examples of specific behaviors to help you understand the questions.

"The Stages of Pornographic Addiction" shows how the repeated viewing of pornography slowly begins to brainwash the viewer into accepting increasing levels of sexual deviancy and even anti-social behavior, as a part of their "normal" and "acceptable" life-style. Each stage is more debilitating than the next until the pornography addict has no medical nor psychological cure.

"The Factors Maintaining Pornography Addiction," looks at the reasons why pornography is so addictive that it often compels men to risk divorce, loss of jobs and even legal problems, in order to continue their addictive behavior.

"Pornography, Pedophilia and the Sexual Predator," explores the effects of pornography on pornography addicts, whose minds now need more and more to satisfy its sexual cravings. Because at this point the addict is addicted to a fantasy created within their own mind and accepted as reality. Obviously, not everyone engaged in viewing pornography will be a pedophile, rapist or molester of little children. However, it is somewhat ironic that most sex offenders are also pornography addicts.

"Pornography and the Rapist's Mind" does for the rapist what the previous article does for the pedophile. Also, remember that the Sexual Predator, described earlier, can just as easily be looking for adult female victims as children. There are at least two types of sexual predators. Thus, this article is to help people understand who has the greatest potential for being a rapist.

These are only a few of the titles of articles written by Dr. Doug, who has now retired after over his 36 years as a psychotherapist and ordained minister. Over the years, he has successfully treated thousands of individuals, couples, families and groups dealing with such issues as: depression, suicide prevention and crisis intervention, bi-polar disorder, sexual dysfunction’s and deviancies, marital and family issues and numerous others.

As a minister, most of the counseling was done among "the worried well," those who are worried about family problems that usually required as much teaching and training as psychotherapy. Couple anticipating divorce, teens experimenting with drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, sexual abuse and even incest-all within the church membership. They are human, too.

As a psychiatric program director for a locked skilled nursing facility, he provided treatment for patients that were a danger to themselves and others. Some were suicidal, while others wanted to kill others for looking at them wrong. They were the psychopaths and sociopath in our society. They were also patients of Dr.Doug.

As Deputy Conservator of a large central California county, he was responsible for doing the investigations for conservatorships for those people so mentally ill that they were unable to take care of themselves or were a danger to themselves and others. He also had extensive experience during this time in suicide and crisis prevention as an on-call psychiatric emergency therapist.

As the mental health supervisor for a small county in the southern part of the U.S. he developed the domestic violence program for that part of his state and often testified as an expert witness on domestic and sexual violence cases. In addition to supervising his staff he also carried on a small caseload of patients suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or was involved in some form of sexual abuse, since he was the only expert in these areas in that part of his state.

Dr. Doug is available for private, paid e-mail consultations on any individual, marital or family issue, including sexual ones. Because of the lack of personal, physical, contact, one-to -one, with the people involved, psychotherapy is not an option on the computer as yet. The therapist cannot see over the computer the typical body language that is going on in a normal therapy session. This body language often is more important than the spoken word and often contradicts it.

However, if you have a problem of a mental or emotional nature, Dr. Doug is available to give you advise and guidance on your problems based on the information you have provided. This is going to require that the patient examine themselves and their reactions to the circumstances in their life. If you are having a problem in your marriage, or with your children or job or whatever, remember, it is YOUR problem and is causing YOU pain and it is up to YOU to find a way to resolve it. That's where Dr. Doug and his staff come in, by providing alternative solutions to your problems.

If you are currently in an unhappy relationship and you regularly do something positive to help change the relationship, the relationship will change because you are a part of the relationship. In the future we hope to provide short-term classes of 6-8 weeks on a variety of subjects taught by Dr. Doug and his staff.

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