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"How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa"

Escazu, Costa Rica (PRWEB) June 23, 2005 -- Many of the 70 million Americans that are retiring over the next 20 years are considering retiring abroad in places like Costa Rica where they can enjoy a secure, safe, stress-free and affordable lifestyle. Buying a home in Costa Rica is a dream that many people have, but there can be complications that you would never have imagined; the new, one of a kind book, "How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa" is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to purchase Costa Rica real estate.

As explained in the book, there can be major problems when searching for Costa Rica real estate:

1. There is no Multiple Listing Service to speak of in Costa Rica so trying to establish even a rough idea of what a property is worth is difficult.

2. Half the population of Costa Rica call themselves 'Realtors' because you do not need any qualifications, training or experience whatsoever to call yourself a 'Realtor'.

3. There is an organization of 'brokers' involved with Costa Rica real estate, however, very few people who call themselves 'Realtors' have even heard of it never mind belong to
it ... And nobody is regulating or watching over these people!

4. And you know the laws governing Costa Rica real estate are based on 'Napoleonic Laws' and not 'Common Laws' as they are in the US & Canada, right?

This means that when it comes to buying Costa Rica real estate which may be one of the biggest investments of your life.

More than likely, you will be listening to 'expert' advice coming from someone with zero qualifications or training in real estate, who is trying very hard to earn a sales commission selling you a property that could be dramatically overpriced.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster and it can be!

"If you are thinking of buying Costa Rica real estate, I have just three words for you, "Listen to him!" Sr. Federico Carillo - Costa Rica Minister Of Finance.

Finding up to date, factual information about Costa Rica real estate is not easy. Search the internet and you'll find over five million listings and how do you know if the information
you are getting is accurate?

The goal in writing this one of a kind, 200+ page book is to help educate and protect you; to provide you with objective information from proven experts so that when you buy Costa Rica real estate, it's not just a wonderful home but
also a very profitable investment.

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