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The Poker Web Pledges African Famine Support

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWB) August 17, 2005 -- Poker is riding into the winds of history and it’s all happening before our very eyes. As an avid contributor to this day’s hottest game The Poker Web has shared in some incredible moments to cover today’s poker related news. We now call on the efforts of poker players to help in the cause of the African Famine.

With a staff that has garnished respect throughout the Internet for it’s coverage of today’s greatest poker related stories and poker news articles, the team of The Poker Web has dedicated its pledge to call upon all poker players throughout the world to contribute to the world’s greatest living tragedy. When the Tsunami of Dec 2004 devastated the hundreds and thousands of lives throughout SE Asia the world watched in horror as the sea raged against man. As content as one is to pray for relief, it would only befit that we ask all who love the game and can contribute to save the lives of what is happening today in Niger and it’s surrounding countries. As calls went unheard to their impending fate last November the world stayed silent. As Live 8 tried to gather the support for relief to the world’s poorest the call for Famine Aid remained silent. And as cries for help remain unheard it is now time for action.

We make a call to all that if you love the game of poker as much as we do to help in this day’s terrible fate of our fellow brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Many might think that this is all semantics to the day’s news or another story of great catastrophic consequence but I tell you it is not. These people need our help and this call for help is real.

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Niger leader 'ignorant' of hunger
The UN has started a general distribution of food aid Niger's opposition has condemned the president as "ignorant" after he said the people of Niger were "well-fed" in the midst of a food crisis.

West Africa hunger map Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso have been badly affected by food shortages.

Nigeria's 'Silent Famine' When BBC World recently started broadcasting the pathetic pictures of starving children from Niger, a complacent world was shocked beyond belief.

The stories are endless as well as the cry that claims the lives of 3.6million people. Can you make a difference? The question is staged but it would be well to ask, will you make a difference? Our call is simple; we ask that if there is anything you can do to help to please do it. As we have tried to bring the call for Aid to the Famine that now touches the lives of Millions we ask you to step up to the table and make a pledge. If you’re part of an online poker room we ask that you set up charitable poker tournaments and forward the proceeds to established organizations designed to bring the aid to the affected. It is well noted that when the Tsunami tore through SE Asia Hollywood Poker stepped up its game by contributing. Go James and Company. Now that’s what it’s all about.

In summation to the fun that we enjoy on a daily basis by playing today’s greatest enjoyable pastime, Poker. Let us try to make it more enjoyable by helping those who can’t help themselves. It is our duty as men and women of this wonderful world we live in. Please don’t let this call go unheeded.

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)
Donations to UK charities, including many of those listed below, can be made via DEC, which has a report on the famine. Donations can be made online.

The World Food Programme has its own website where you can find out how you can make donations to their famine appeal for Southern Africa and Ethiopia.

Oxfam International has a briefing paper on the famine. Donations can be made via the Oxfam sites in each individual country. In the UK, contributions are accepted via Oxfam GB's special Southern Africa and Ethiopia donations pages, or by post at Oxfam, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DZ, UK.

UNICEF UK has launched its Southern Africa Children's Appeal to help the most vulnerable children across the region. You can also make credit card donations for work in Ethiopia and Southern Africa by phone or send checks payable to UNICEF to UNICEF's Southern Africa Children's Appeal, FREEPOST, Chelmsford, CM2 8BR.

International Federation of the Red Cross

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has launched appeals to help those affected in both the Horn and Southern Africa. Donations can be made online

World Vision
World Vision is also active in Southern Africa. In addition to its main website, the charity has more information on its national sites - the UK site has further details specific to the UK.

Care International
Care International has up-to-date information on the famine, especially in Malawi. It is possible to donate online.
CARE International UK is also accepting donations at CIUK, 10-13 Rushworth Street, London SE1 0RB, UK

Christian Aid
British-based charity Christian Aid has produced a special report on the situation. You can donate online to Christian Aid's appeal, or by post to: Christian Aid, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT, UK.

Save the Children
The UK arm of Save the Children has information on its appeal relating to the Malawi famine, and opportunities to donate.

Medecins sans Frontieres
This international charity providing emergency medical care has a special report on MSF's involvement in emergency relief in Angola, as well as a donations page, with details on how to donate from different countries. In the USA, the charity is called Doctors without borders.

World Relief
The international charity World Relief has a special report on the Southern African famine.

Dublin-based Concern is doing emergency work in several parts of Angola and Ethiopia. Donations can be made via the web-site.

The relief and development agency Tearfund has launched an appeal to help ease the devastating food crisis in southern Africa and has reports on its Webpages about the situation in Ethiopia.

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