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El Salvador: An Adventure to Take

El Salvador, a Central American country, is located in the middle of the south and north of America. It is bordered by the Republic of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Gulf of Fonseca Waters and the Pacific Ocean to the wets, north, east and south respectively. Its coastline is about 296 kilometers long and is extended through all the country. El Salvador relies on a great tropical climate that almost never changes throughout the whole year. This feature confers visitors the opportunity of traveling to that place in the very moment they really can or want, so the tourism is not subject to a specific kind of weather in particular. In addition, the fact that this country boasts a very nice and permanent climate allows you to enjoy the beautiful and sunshiny days at the beach regardless of the time of the year.

As this amazing country is not very big, every single attraction or destination is not very far away from the place you stay. For instance the beaches are located, in general, just half an hour from the major cities of the country. The eastern coastal side of the country is very well-known due to the fact that it is precisely there where the most amazing beaches in El Salvador are situated. However, there are fantastic traits El Salvador makes available for you other than beaches. As an example, craftsmanship and natural vegetation can be enjoyed in this country too, and definitely, you will get impressed of the excellent work artisans do and the beauty of biodiversity. Furthermore, once you are in the country, you should never miss the most precious ecological patrimony, which is a forest that is called El Imposible. It is specifically located in the Department of Ahuachap√°n. Nevertheless, volcanoes are also part of the natural beauty of El Salvador. It relies on around 25 extinct volcanoes. Thus, if you want to combine every single manifestation of nature in only one trip, remember that El Salvador is waiting for you.

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