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Arenal Volcano: An Atractive Place

Costa Rica’s Arenal National Park includes the viewing and parking areas nearest to the most active volcano in the country. Indeed, its extraordinary majesty attracts thousands of tourists around the world. This park is located near the country’s largest hydroelectric project, the Arenal Lake Dam. Located in the province of Alajuela, it will take you around three hours driving from San Jose downtown to get there.

The main characteristic of this volcano is that it borders a region of rain forests and cloud, so that volcano’s cone is frequently covered by fog. In such park, you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna species, thermal hot springs, waterfalls, countless rivers, and multiple life zones.

The Arenal Volcano’s activity can be admired from anywhere in the area, no matter the time, you may see a huge cloud of dust, ash, liquid lava, and rocks spewing out the volcano. However, rainy season seems to be an appropriate time to see the exposed cone of Arenal Volcano, especially at night. Besides, the best view is found from north and west sides of the volcano toward the national park entrance and along the road to Tabacón.

Even when weather conditions, sometimes, do not permit to see the top of the volcano, it is simply amazing to visit this volcano and meet its surroundings. Along the highway, you may find various hotels, resorts, and spas that have been designed especially to offer different choices to visitors. The town of La Fortuna—8 km east of the volcano—is an important tourist city due to the increasing demand of tourism for excursions to most hotels and lodges. If you decide to stay in La Fortuna, take into account that different tour offices as well as hotels provide night tours to the volcano. Nearby La Fortuna, you will find Tabacón Hot Springs Resort & Spa which is a famous and fascinating place to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. This resort’s spa offers professional massages and special skin treatment.

Now that you know what the main attractions of Arenal Volcano are, you are welcomed to visit this wonderful spot.

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