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Guatemala Is Waiting for You!

Guatemala is a Central American country that is adjoined by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, Belize to the northeast and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. This extremely beautiful country is very well-known due to the fact that it allows visitors to get in contact with the real world of the Maya culture. In spite of the fact that lots of years have passed by, the features and particular characterization of ancient cultures are still alive in Guatemala. In fact, they rely on a handicraft market that, by the way, is an extremely enjoyed attraction in the country. Nevertheless, there are much more to see in Guatemala.

Ecotourism is another significant characteristic of Guatemala. This trait confers visitors the opportunity of getting impressed with diverse lands of virgin jungles which are combined with amazing plateaus, mountains, ravines, valleys, caves, volcanoes, rivers and lakes. In this sense, the geography of the country is really wealthy. Regarding Guatemalan ecosystems, you may find a broad biodiversity, and it is estimated that the average temperature is around 68ºF. Moreover, taking a trip to Guatemala will provide you with staying in contact with different kinds of forests, among which you may find the warm and very humid forests, the cool and very humid forests and the warm and dry forests.

Among some of the most visited places in the country that you should not miss under any circumstances, there are some lakes including Lake Atitlan and Lake Amatitlán, the highlands, volcanoes, caves, national reserves, museums and much more. No matter what your interests are and the place you are willing to visit, you will be always able to find a travel agency offering special tours with very accessible fees. Thus, if you are trying to find a good place for you to know more about Mayan culture, at Guatemala you have 17th century ruins and remembrances that will make you have a great time. Remember that Guatemala is the result of a combination of culture and ecotourism. What else can you ask for??

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