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Honduras: An Unbelievable Country

The Republic of Honduras is one of the countries that make up Central America. It borders the Caribbean Sea to the north and east, Guatemala to the west and Fonseca’s Gulf, El Salvador and Nicaragua to the south. The capital of this country is called Tegucigalpa. If you could really exactly know the incredible destination Honduras is, you would never believe it. Honduras is one of those countries that are worth it to spend all the necessary time in order to get to know it absolutely all. In a general way, this amazing place comprises 15 national parks, 2 biosphere reserves, 10 biological reserves preserving over two hundred native species of birds and more than 20 species of mammals living in the forest.

When going to protected areas, which are the most significant attractions in the region, you may get to be in contact with vast vegetation, rivers, mountains, channels, beaches, a wide diversity of fauna, including those species threatened by extinction. Nevertheless, taking a trip to only see biodiversity is not possible in Honduras since the ethnical culture is everywhere. This makes Honduras an extremely comprehensive country able to satisfy everybody’s expectations. The general beauty of the country encompasses not only natural attractions, but also historical wealth, in especial, the culture of the Garífunas, which corresponds to the Caribbean black people.

On the other hand, Honduras has a lot to offer to those visitors willing to have a warmer experience. This country has beautiful beaches for you to enjoy in addition to be really well-known due to its reefs and diving. These reefs are called the tropical forests of the sea and are home to more than 4,000 species of fishes, and a broad diversity of flora and fauna. Some of the recommended beaches in Honduras are Islas de la Bahia, Coyos Cochinos, Puerto Cortés, Trujillo, La Ceiba and Omoa in the northern zone of the country. In the southern one, Cedeño, Punta Ratón and Amapala are outstanding. Thus, Honduras can be summed up in Nature, Beaches, History and Culture. Do not hesitate to take a trip to the country.

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