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Discovering the Butterfly Garden in Monteverde

Would you like to visit a Butterfly Garden in Monteverde, Costa Rica? The wonderful world of the butterflies teaches us the process of reproduction of these insects. This place has 4 gardens, a nature center, and 3 greenhouses, a 500 square meter netted flyway, botanic gardens, and a gift shop. There is a great variety of butterflies representing about 40-50 species. This project is focused on environmental education, and as a result, thousands of persons visit the Nature Center and butterfly gardens.

Personnel in charge of this tourist site raise about 50 Monteverde butterfly species by hand so the garden will always looks blooming. Besides this, naturalist educators help to enhance the international reputation of this place. This regard is very important because the Butterfly Garden is a main attraction for many visitors worldwide. The cost of entrance is $7 including a guided tour for about 1 hour, but $5 for students and $3 for kids. The best for a visit is when the sun is shining. In the event of rain, you can come back with no additional charge. The Butterfly Garden in Monteverde, Costa Rica is the perfect choice if you want to learn about butterfly ecology.

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