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Curu National Wildlife Refuge: A Treasure of Fauna

Curu Wildlife Refuge is a small sanctuary in Costa Rica encompasing five ecological habitats which includes tropical dry, mangrove swamps, moist forest, and marine habitats. The protected forest of Curu forms part of the Biological Corridor of the Nicoya Peninsula. Curu Wildlife Refuge is situated 6 km after Paquera taking the road to Tambor.

Curu still preserves some portions of primary forest; although, only scientists have access to this zone. Nevertheless, those trails available for public allow exploring various habitats of wildlife. For instance, Sendero de la Laguna, Sendero Quesera, and Sendero Finca de los Monos are good trails to admire. During your visit to Curu, you will observe around 232 species of birds such as white-fronted amazons, motmots, and laughing. Within the mammals are rare species like margay cats, pumas, ocelots, coyotes, collared peccari, anteaters, scarlet macaws, and spider monkeys. The mangrove swamps are of great significance to the marine ecosystem since vast tiny organisms represent the breeding grounds of lots of fish as well as water birds that feed and nest in the thickets. All the mangrove species of Costa Rica can be found in Curu.

Since Curu is full of wildlife, it is prohibited to give food to the monkeys because that makes them behave differently. Before walking along the trails, remember to wear jeans and sleeves to avoid mosquitos and thorns. The bay of Curu is also a picturesque beach with calm water and white coral sand. If you stay in rustic cabins near the beach, you may take a trip in the reserve. Curu is not only a reserve but also a relaxing place to spend some days and enjoy the closeness with different types of animals that form part of our habitat.

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