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Borton Overseas: Going Beyond

Borton Overseas is the name of a great travel company in which people loving what they do work. It is represented in selected natural featured places including all Scandinavia and South, East and Southern Africa. This amazing company was founded in 1894 under the name of Sunden, Vanstrum and Co. At those times, their main purpose was to provide a steamship to the Scandinavian immigrants going to the United States. In addition, they have conferred the possibility of going to Africa in a very reliable way since they have always been focused on getting to know the destination by themselves. This has allowed them to be partners of the most respected and well-known lodges, camps, guides and tour companies in the entire Africa.

These days, Borton Overseas is in charge of everything related to marketing, sales and reservations in Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, which is one of the most famous companies in their field. These cruises constitute a fabulous idea for those willing to have a traditional cruise on a not very big ship. Nonetheless, they also offer a series of cruises in much smaller ships which are operated by Polar Star Expeditions and Clipper Cruise Lines to Antarctica.

There are some recommended tours that are worth it to take. One of them is called the Scandinavian Adventure. In specific, in this tour, in which you travel to Norway and Sweden’s highlights, you will get to know the capital of Norway and its incredible mountains and fjords. Besides, the Amazon River Cruise is very famous too. Usually, this cruise lasts 14 nights stopping in Suriname along the way. There is, however, much more for you to get well informed and choose the trip that will make your vacation dreams come true. Do it and you will never regret!

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