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The Church of San Blas: A Religious Treasure

The Church of San Blas, located at the North side of central park, Nicoya, Costa Rica is the only landmark in this region. It was originally built in 1644; however, its current reconstruction was the result of an earthquake in 1831. The mission style of this church has a great historical significance for the country. Indeed, this church is the home of a wide number of colonial religious relics and artifacts such as some antique wooden statues of saints, folk-art wood carvings of the Stations of the Cross arrayed around the stark white walls as a way to imbue the space with an aura of spirituality. There is also a collection of 18th-century bronze mission bells and arched doorways frame green views of vegetation and distant mountains.

Today, the Church of San Blas hosts a small archaeological museum having some old religious artifacts. In addition, the whole area is home to most of Guanacaste’s folklore. Actually, this region plays a fundamental role in the development of Costa Rican folklore due to its costumes, music, food, arts, crafts, and clothing. When celebrating religious events, San Blas, the patron saint of the ancient church of Nicoya, is honored with folkloric dances and music on the Plaza Central of Nicoya. Visitors may come daily from morning to afternoon, except during evening mass. Come to Nicoya and be part of its cultural richness and beauty!

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