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Convento de las Capuchinas: A Remarkable Convent

Convento de las Capuchinas is one of the most interesting ruins in Antigua Guatemala.
Once you arrive there, you can notice a small wooden door wherein nuns accepted donations and orphaned children so that they are protected from different dangers. The interior of the building had hallways, a beautiful courtyard with pink and purple bougainvilleas, former bathing halls, and circular cloister which shows the way nuns used to live. The nuns who lived here were isolated from the outside world. Thus, their way of living was based on donations by people. In this convent, around 28 nuns lived here. Due to an earthquake, it was stored and then abandoned. Most of the artifacts and religious objects were moved to Guatemala City. However, some years later, Las Capuchinas opened again with the purpose of offering the public the opportunity of visiting an old and meaningful place for the country’s history. This old convent attracts many foreigners especially for its views from the rooftop which are simply amazing. The ruins of the most remarkable convent are now a museum whose decoration illustrates religious life in colonial times. By knowing all this information about Las Capuchinas, it is easier for you to plan a trip towards this area of Guatemala.

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