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Barton Creek Cave: A Cultural Destination

When visiting Belize, BartonCreekCave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country because of its skeletal remains and pottery. It is located near BartonCreekVillage in the Cayo District.


is an ideal location for teachers, tourists, students, and researchers who are interested in exploring the importance of caves for Maya culture. Those who do research investigation want to record prehistoric Maya activity and to share such information with other archaeologists and visitors.


Indeed, some findings reveal that caves were used by the Maya for specific purposes such as possible fertility rites, agricultural rituals, human sacrifice, ritual bloodletting, and lineage internment. In a day trip, many people like to travel in canoes along the river.


Tourist guides may highlight the importance of caves to the old Mayan persons as well as the archaeological relevance of this 7.5 km limestoneCave system. It is important to know that the cave consists of huge passages covered with large speleothems over a navigable river.

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