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Botanic Garden: The World of Plants

Belize is a country with an exuberant natural richness, and Botanic Gardens are created to protect, study, and promote its tropical diversity, specifically native species. By means of this project, citizens and visitors will be aware of the importance of protecting its natural resources.

The Native Orchid House is one of the attractions available for you. Around 100 species of Belizean exotic and rare orchids that grow throughout the country are exhibited to the public. When you come here, you may discover which plants were used by Maya culture for rituals, daily living, and medicine purposes. The experience of exploring the great variety of palms, hardwoods, ornamentals, native fruits, and much more of tropics does not have to be boring and tired for you because tourist guides may take you a drive around the garden. Also, you can ride a horse or go on foot having a self-guiding booklet.

Mountain Pine Ridge serves to show tourists distinct habitats of Belize. You will find information about each plant’s ecosystem and its importance to preserve it. If you are interested in looking at views of the garden and nearby hills, you should go to the top of 25 feet Firetower which is a part of Mountain Pine Ridge.

It is wonderful to observe native palms and their products at the garden since you learn how plants are used and how to make house plants or thatched roof from palms. Botanic Gardens also have a wide variety of Belize’s heliconia. If you have never been in Belize, this is your chance to visit a garden focused on education, conservation, and the display of beautiful flora.

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