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Panama Canal: A Valuable Treasure

The Panama Canal and Eighth Wonder of the World is one of the main tourist attractions to the west of Panama City. The extension of the Canal does not permit to transit it in less than 8 hours, thus including Colon in the Caribbean to Panama in the Pacific. The scenery of the Canal is simply overwhelming because its pristine rainforests show part of all natural diversity. In particularly, SoberaníaNational Park has exotic nature and wonderful ecotourism attractions.


If you have the opportunity to travel along the Canal during daytime, you will see thousands of tourists viewing ships transiting through the canal and galleries in the lock gates. As your money, camera plays a key role to record what you will never find anywhere. Perhaps, you are wondering how you can get there. Actually, you have some options taking a bus or train ride or a boat trip to the Canal itself.


During your tour, you may find places like Canopy Tower to observe birds, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, La calzada de Amador, La Bahía de Panamá, Puente de las Americas. Also, you may see La Isla de Taboga and La Ciudad de Panama at the distance. In the middle of the tour, you will perceive that the Canal begins to extend between Gamboa Resort and Las Exclusas de Gatún to allow people appreciate the chain of rivers that form part of Panama Canal. Besides, you may find the ruins of Fuerte San Lorenzo and Portobelo. Both are well-preserved and beautiful to have some pictures of them. Do not wait to discover Panama Canal

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