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Collette Vacations: With Complete Confidence...

Collette Vacations is a travel company which began operations in the year 1918, and since it started around 88 years ago, it is considered to be the oldest tour operator around all the United States.  Collette’s three major offices are located in three different countries: the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.  They are proud they provide people with tours that allow them to go to all the seven continents in the world.  With the purpose of improving and broadening possibilities for travelers, they have gone into partnership with A&E Networks and Smithsonian Journeys.  For this matter, they have included what they call learning vacations among their products.  These confer clients the opportunity of choosing one of their range of quality programs.


In addition, it is believed that their waiver policy is and has been the best in the U.S. due to its comprehensiveness.  They have implemented it since they pay especial attention to protecting the costumer and to the real enjoyment they get during their vacation.  Moreover, they consider that a great part of their success lies in their tour managers.  Particularly, they are flexible, caring, resourceful and experienced, and the really important features that make them be so good at what they do are diversity, since they speak around 13 languages, longevity due to the fact that almost all of them have been working for them for about eight years, rigorous screening process and that they are Collette employees and are not workers provided by other companies.


Among the destinations you have at your disposal in Collette, as mentioned before, you are able to travel to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and, as part of a category called Other Destinations, they make Mexico, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Egypt and Kenya available.  Thus, variety is a reality in Collette, which, definitely, helps them satisfy even the most demanding needs of their customers.  Remember, Collette Vacations is the travel company you can rely on with complete confidence.  So, if you are willing to leave the vacations of your life in a company’s hands, you should contact Collette then.

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