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GAP Adventures: Contact Them Now

This travel company has been operating for about fifteen years, and during this period of time, they have been committed to offering their customers more than a simple trip.  All of them include getting to know the real lifestyle of each of the destinations, its main attractions and the essence of the people living there.  However, they also focus a lot on the culture and history of the place you are visiting.  For this matter, you can make sure that you will always learn about new things and find some features that you would never have gotten to know.  


The growth that this company has experienced is amazing since, these days, they constitute a company offering a wide-ranging diversity of destinations situated in all the seven continents.  They started offering tours only to Latin America, and today, they make the vacation dreams of more than 40,000 travelers come true every year.  Due to the high-quality of their trips and tours, they have received plenty of awards, among which you can find the United Nations International Year of Ecotourism/World Ecotourism Summit, the clean Air Commute Award Recipient 2001- 2005, Global Traders Leadership Award, and the Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year among several others. 


Nevertheless, you may be wondering about what these tours and adventures include and how they would be.  When dealing with GAP Adventures, you are able to expect to have small groups, transportation, accommodation, food and value and flexibility among other valuable things.  Moreover, they rely on a broad range of trip styles so that you can choose the one(s) that you consider the most appropriate according to your particular situation, likes or needs.  They are the Basix, Comfort, Family, Independent, Volunteer, Original, Active, Gourmet, Expedition and Exploratory.  In this way, you have many options at your disposal that you should not forget to take into consideration when thinking about traveling abroad.           

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